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Asset Tracking Manager Enterprise

Track your asset inventory records with our asset tracker software
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3 August 2011

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This is a software that lets you track assets and inventory.

This software tracks your assets and inventory quite easily. Asset Tracking Manager is designed to control and manage mobile as well as fixed assets and inventory. The tool will help you maintain details of who has the items, where they are, etc. There are no limits to the number of individual asset/inventory items that can be tracked with this software. The interface makes it all very simple. This is quite intuitive, such that you do not need experienced IT types. Rather, anyone that understands the inventory issues will be able to use the tool easily. The simple layout of the program helps find the controls very quickly. The icons representing the controls are also easy to understand. Asset detail, employees who have them, and the details about these individuals can be searched any time and with convenience. Searches can be set up quite easily.

For each of these items you can maintain and access a complete history of ownership as well as the history of purchase and service information. Notes can be added to the available information on each item as well as each employee. Documents in Word, PDF, Excel formats can be attached to these items too. Extensive reporting features make it easy to keep track of your assets. Items check out feature helps track who owns the item for use. Anyone using the asset has to check it out of the asset manager, and thus the transaction will update current ownership.

Publisher's description

Track your assets and inventory with our asset and inventory tracker software.
Asset Tracking Manager is designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets and inventory. The software manages what assets you have, where the assets are, and who uses them.
* Track an unlimited number of assets
* Simple yet powerful search feature for locating assets
* Check-out items to employees and know where there are
* Maintain a full history of ownership
* Maintain service history and purchasing details for assets
* Add rich text notes to Assets, Employees etc
* Extensive reporting system for displaying or printing data
* Attach documents such as Word, Excel, PDFs to Assets, Employees etc
* Beautifully designed user interface
Our database software is designed to be user friendly and easy to use so download our trial and see for yourself.
Available in Professional Edition (single-user system) and the Enterprise Edition (multi-user system).
Asset Tracking Manager Enterprise
Asset Tracking Manager Enterprise
Version 2011.07.27
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